Tax Preparation Services


Tax preparation services in Oakville

Income Tax Return Preparation Services


Corporate Tax Return Preparation

We prepare accurate corporate tax returns utilizing Canada Revenue Agency approved software and will E-File your return at a fraction of the fees charged by most accountants.

We specialize in tax return preparation for small incorporated and home-based businesses 

We can also advise you on such matters as: whether to pay yourself a salary or in dividends; available tax credits such as SRED; transferring assets such as an automobile into the business; HST/GST submissions and many other considerations. For more complex returns, we will refer you to our Chartered Accountant firm partner.

Personal Tax Return Preparation

We provide income tax preparation services in Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto and surrounding areas for individuals, students, seniors and sole proprietors.

Many individuals miss out on claiming expenses and credits that can reduce the amount of taxes paid. We will conduct an extensive interview with you to ensure accuracy on your tax return and that you are aware of all available deductions and tax credits. Furthermore, we give you advice on how to plan ahead in order to reduce taxes payable in future years.


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